The DiFiore Center
307 North Main Street
St. George Utah 84770



M / 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM
T – S / 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM




Written, directed and preformed by: Michael Burgos
February 22nd & 23rd @ 7:30 p.m.
February 24th @ 2:30 p.m.
The DiFiore Center for Arts and Education
307 North Main Street
St. George, UT

The Space Between Theatre Company is excited to announce a ‘Deathly’ Dark Comedy coming to the DiFiore Center again for THREE PERFORMANCES ONLY…! Last fall “THE EULOGY” played to sold-out performances. So, due to popular demand we are giving audience members of Southern Utah one more opportunity to experience this amazing theatrical presentation.

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The DiFiore Center Community Drum Circle

Djibril N’Doye
First Tuesday of each month
6:00 p.m.
The DiFiore Center
307 North Main Street
St. George, Utah
(435) 673-4206

The DiFiore Center Community Drum Circle, with Djibril N’Doye, is a communal music experience in which participants join together in a circle to play hand drums.

The drum circle, in the context of how we are using it within our nonprofessional hand drumming culture, is the most basic and simple use of the drum and rhythm. It helps participants to be able to join in a social drumming circle anywhere.

Our community drum circle is a family friendly event where people from all cultures come together each month in order to share their enjoyment of playing rhythmically as a percussion ensemble to create a sense of community.

People of all levels of musical expertise can come together and everyone who comes to participate has something to offer the circle.



Roene B. DiFiore was a master at crossing time zones. She could take her audience on a journey with today’s students performing yesterday’s songs. She could take you back 90 years and you were in vaudeville, 70 years and you were tapping your toe to music of a USO dance, or 50 years and your twisting to the “Rhythm of Life.”  The actual age of her audience slipped away as the music made them one.

The Roene B. DiFiore Center for Arts and Education will be offering an open enrollment Jazz Class the third Tuesday of each month, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. It is our goal to bring generations together where beginner musicians can learn from older mentors by graciously accepting their wisdom as a vital part of the learning process.

Also, will be offering an open enrollment Student Jazz Improv Clinic the second Tuesday of each month, from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m., beginning September 11, 2018. In the current world of jazz education, to deny this would be like ignoring global warming. Responsible educators should have something to offer young men and women beyond the relevant and specific classroom lessons, that go “Beyond the Music” itself and will enrich their lives. Maintaining an open and respectful attitude towards other group members by working with them as peers, regardless of age, gender, proficiency level, nationality, religion, race, etc.


“Bulging at the Seams”

After six years, the DiFiore Center is “Bulging at the Seams” and needing a little more elbow room. The DiFiore Center is about the coming together of artists and art forms as well as audiences and community members from down the street and around the globe. This expansion project will not only enlarge our physical facility, but it will expand the role of the DiFiore Center as a community arts’ hub for new commissions and for continuous inventions. The new space will provide room for people to come together to share viewpoints that stretch our collective sense of who and what we are. It’s about doing our part to preserve human connection in this fast world of technology.



“Knowing the commitment to educate our children for the future and provide them with a well-rounded education is one of the greatest responsibilities we have as a society. The Roene B. DiFiore Center for Arts and Education has been established to influence, inspire with confidence and encourage young students to cultivate their artistic and creative desire to further their education.  Our goal is to support and give incentive to those young people yearning to indoctrinate the fine arts as tools for learning.  It is essential that all children are given an equal opportunity of creative expression while discovering the joys of learning . . . !”


“Artistic Resource for Teachers and Students, (A.R.T.S.) Inc. a nonprofit collaboration of Education, Business, and Community since 1959, committed to strengthening the influence of Fine Arts in our children’s education.”


A.R.T.S., Inc., formerly known as Young Audiences of Utah, now in its fifty-ninth-year of operation, was founded in 1959 by Camille S. Pembroke which brought Utah Symphony musicians into the Salt Lake City public schools. With the great success of this project, by 1961 programming expanded to include all public schools in Salt Lake and Davis Counties. By the fall of 2017, all forty-one Utah school districts have experienced our programming, reaching more than 300 schools each year with professional arts and education programming. A.R.T.S., Inc. is a leading source of arts and education for the State of Utah, reaching more than 200,000 individuals annually. It is our goal to help a broad network of fine arts’ organizations to play an active role in children’s development. Working collectively we assist educators, parents, and communities to provide a teaching and learning environment, where children discover the joys of learning through the arts. A.R.T.S., Inc. provides Arts and Education programming that not only entertains and educates, but is an excellent support for the Utah State Core-Curriculum.