July 1, 2017 @ 10:00 am – July 31, 2017 @ 6:00 pm
The DiFiore Center
307 North Main Street
Ernie or Cindy



A Solo Exhibition of Oil Paintings by

 Rob J Wilson


Artist Statement


In observing the world around me, I find abstract designs supplied by the environment which are beautiful and present in their natural state.  Capturing these in oil paint further simplifies the content into elements of color and texture that speak to traditions of abstract as well as representational painting.  In creating this body of work, I found the landscape and its many components and creatures to be the perfect visual and conceptual inspiration.  However the long term preservation and sustaining of this inspirational and life giving resource is politically under threat by the hope of short term gain.  This state has a vital and thriving economy of tourism which is based on our natural wonders, but that economic sustenance will be cut off by privatization, desecration and the eminent plundering of the landscape and its inhabitants.  What we know as a beautiful witness of geographic, natural and human history as well as an economic force will become a scarred and devalued remnant of what used to be. This residue will not captivate the imagination and be a siren of beauty.  This scab will not supply life to nature or financial freedom.  We will be left empty and bruised with the only reminder of beauty being the memories of generations far gone.

All artworks in this exhibition will be available throughout the show on silent auction in an attempt to raise interest and awareness to these pressing issues.

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